Welcoming Your New Adopted Pet

by | Apr 30, 2016

More than 7 million companion animals enter shelters in the U.S. every year.

Fortunately for many of these animals, huge strides have been made for them over the last 10 years. More people are choosing to adopt instead of buy a pet than ever before. Yet even with more people choosing to adopt, at least one-third of the dogs and cats entering shelters are still facing euthanasia.

We need your help to encourage more people to choose adoption.

A cat lightly touching another cats nose


Are you (or someone you know) looking for a companion animal?

Keep in mind that dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that need to be adopted. Horses, birds and even reptiles can make great companions as long as you have the proper space for them!

Here are a few tips when looking for a companion animal to adopt.

  • Keep your daily routine in mind when looking for a companion to determine the type of animal that will be best for your situation.
  • Make sure the pet you adopt gets along with other animals in your household.
    • Depending on the adoption situation, it may be a good idea to introduce your existing companion to the potential new pet in a neutral setting to see how they interact.
  • Make yourself aware of any medical procedures that your potential companion may need in the future.
    • Most animals in a shelter usually will have been spayed or neutered and treated for basic medical conditions. It’s always a good idea to ask and not assume this is the case.

Before bringing your new friend home.

  • Check your home for toxic foods or dangerous household items.
  • Provide some toys and bedding for your new companion so they can quickly become comfortable in their new home. This will also allow them to understand what is safe for them to play with.
  • Make sure to have food, a leash and a crate handy for transporting your new companion animal to its new home.
  • If you’re adopting a horse or other farm animal, prepare your barn and make sure to have all proper arrangements made before bringing the animal home from the adoption facility.

For more adoption tips, visit our partner ASPCA’s Adoption Tips blog post.


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Source: ASPCA