Arnall Family Foundation Donates $250,000 to AutismOklahoma

by | May 9, 2016

OKLAHOMA CITY – AutismOklahoma received one of its largest donations to date this past weekend at its 7th Annual PieceWalk; the Arnall Family Foundation presented the organization with a check for $250,000.

“The Arnall Family Foundation is pleased to partner with AutismOklahoma on developing critical programs to support families affected by autism,” said Sue Ann Arnall, president of Arnall Family Foundation. “With recent legislative support for mandated insurance coverage for up to six years of treatment in Oklahoma, we are optimistic that the overall climate will improve for these brave and deserving families.”

The funding will go toward increasing programming and investing in the organization’s infrastructure, including staff and technology upgrades. The overall goal of the grant is to offer more services to families affected by autism.

“AutismOklahoma is honored that the Arnall Family Foundation has chosen to partner with us and invest in our mission,” said Melinda Lauffenburger, founder and executive director. “This generous donation will allow us to do so much more to help Oklahoma families whose lives have been impacted by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).”

AutismOklahoma engages with more than 4,500 families affected by autism in Oklahoma. The organization utilizes more than 700 volunteers annually, and provided over 70 programs last year. The organization has grown from one parent support group to groups in 11 locations throughout the state.

Camps, social clubs, pre-employment clubs, and recreational activities serve more than 300 children, teens, and young adults with autism annually. These programs help to support families, engage the community, build friendship skills, increase confidence, and promote the talents and capabilities of people who have autism.
AutismOklahoma is known for creating model programs that provide unique opportunities for individuals with ASD.

“We had a wonderful weekend with our 2016 PieceWalk family this past Saturday and families are excited by the success and results of these efforts. We are very grateful for the grant from the Arnall Family Foundation and we are motivated to do more great things,” Lauffenburger said.

About AutismOklahoma
AutismOklahoma is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that provides support for persons with autism and their families. AutismOklahoma believes that every person with autism is unique and important. AutismOklahoma helps individuals with autism reach their full potential, helps families thrive, and helps communities understand and embrace differences. According to the March 27, 2014, Center for Disease Control report, one in every 68 children has been identified as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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