Transportation Innovation Grant

Transportation Innovation Grant

How would you use $1 Million to improve transportation in Oklahoma County?

The Arnall Family Foundation is excited to announce the Oklahoma County Transportation Innovation Grant. According to the United Way of Central Oklahoma’s Social Service Needs Assessment, limitations regarding transportation is one of the three primary challenges faced by our community. It’s an obstacle facing nearly every organization providing social services and it has devastating effects on our children and families.

Transportation is complicated. We are looking for creative, sustainable solutions that will have a direct impact on the transportation needs of parents whose children are in foster care.

The Transportation Innovation Grant offers up to $1 million total that may be spent over four years to the organization that demonstrates the most innovative pilot program for improving Oklahoma County’s transportation challenges impacting the target population. Our goal is to fund smarter thinking and better ways of doing things.

dollars to be spent over 4 years

roughly the number of biological parents separated from their children in Oklahoma County

your organization’s minimum operating budget for the previous year


The purpose of the Transportation Innovation Grant is to develop a pilot program that not only improves the transportation challenges faced by the target population but will also serve as a proof of concept for a model that could be expanded to reach other underserved populations including those affected by the criminal justice system.

Target Population

The more than 1,000 biological parents in Oklahoma County who have children in foster care and are working toward reunification.


501(c)3 or we will consider program-related investments

Coalitions or collaboratives are eligible to apply, but one organization must be the fiscal sponsor that meets the minimum requirements

Program must be implemented in Oklahoma County

Not a faith-based organization

Must have an operating budget of at least $750,000

Must be current with all applicable federal and state financial filings or reports

Must be willing and able to provide audited financial statements

Must be able to launch the proposed program within six months after funding

Selection Criteria

Program Fit

  • Does the pilot project use inclusive, collaborative and resourceful processes to pursue an innovative solution to improve central Oklahoma’s transportation challenges faced by the target population?
  • Is the program a breakthrough in addressing the challenge that is more effective, equitable or sustainable than existing approaches?


  • Is the plan thoughtful and realistic?
  • What’s the plan to address capacity?
  • Is the organization’s infrastructure adequate to implement the proposed program?


  • Does the pilot project have the potential to make a meaningful, sustainable difference?
  • Can it be expanded to other underserved populations?
  • Will the program be sustainable long term?


For Profits

Businesses or Organizations that are designated as a for profit organization or has not received a 501(c)3 status will need to apply through the link below.


Organizations that are designated as a nonprofit with a 501(c)3 status will need to apply through the link below.