Who We Are

Sue Ann Arnall

President / Board Member

Lindsay Laird

Vice President, Programs

Jane Lerum

Board Member

Hilary Honor Hamm

Board Member

Jenessa Cutler

Grants Manager, Program Officer Animal Welfare

Austin Mayden

Creative Services Manager

Misty Copeland

Office Manager

Christie Schulte Kappert

Program Manager, The Right Horse

Cailin Caldwell

Community & Social Media Manager

Natalie Stringer

Probation Compliance Liaison, Criminal Justice Reform

Sydney Cook

Probation Compliance Liaison, Criminal Justice Reform

Mickey Smith

Graphic Designer

Sumer Kiser

Probation Compliance Liaison, Criminal Justice Reform

Meagan Taylor

Diversion Programs Supervisor, Criminal Justice Reform

Trinity Randolph

Court Compliance Liaison, Criminal Justice Reform


The Arnall Family Foundation was founded by Sue Ann Arnall with the vision to make lasting, transformative improvements to the systems and programs that serve at-risk children in our community. The Foundation has identified the overburdened, under-resourced child welfare system in Oklahoma County as a priority initiative. “I want to help those who do not have the ability to help themselves. I have chosen to focus on children who have been dealt a bad hand, either physically or socially, and on providing these children, our children, the opportunity to live a productive and fulfilling life.” – Sue Ann Arnall

To fulfill the Foundation’s stated mission, we have chosen to partner with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) and the support agencies that work in tandem with OKDHS to protect and support at risk children. We will continue to seek partnerships with fellow change makers to lead our communities toward effective solutions to our shared problems. We recognize that we must balance support for proven and effective approaches with the pursuit of new strategies that hold the promise of achieving breakthroughs.

Under the leadership of our trustee, Sue Ann Arnall, we are committed to being thoughtful stewards of the Foundation’s assets. We will strive for efficiency and effectiveness in both internal and external activities, and ensure that charitable funds will be protected in the long term, while making significant impacts today.

The Arnall Family Foundation is also the home of the WaterShed Animal fund, which invests in innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals. The Fund contains an independent staff and a strategic plan to support organizations with shared interests.