Jenessa Cutler named Program Officer, Animal Welfare

by | Aug 30, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY – Jenessa Cutler has been named to the position of program officer for the Arnall Family Foundation’s animal welfare initiative.

Since 2015, Jenessa has held the position of the foundation’s grants manager. She will continue to maintain that position while also expanding into her new role. As program officer, Jenessa will work to identify and empower partners to serve the animals in their community through strategic investments and programming.

“Jenessa has demonstrated an outstanding ability to build strategic partnerships and programs that result in life-saving solutions for companion animals. We are excited to be able to further use her talents and abilities in our animal welfare initiatives,” said Lindsay Laird, vice president, programs.

The foundation’s plan focuses advancing animal welfare, improving the child welfare system and progressing criminal justice reform in the state of Oklahoma. To date, the foundation has invested $15 million to organizations to better the lives of companion animals.

Prior to joining the foundation in 2015, Jenessa spent nearly a decade in leadership roles in the animal welfare industry, serving as CEO and CFO of a New York-based rescue. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Mount Saint Mary’s College and is a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional.

About the Arnall Family Foundation
Founded in 2015, the Arnall Family Foundation seeks to make lasting, transformative improvements to the systems and programs in Oklahoma that serve children and families involved in the child welfare and criminal justice systems through results-driven investments and strategic convening of community partners. The foundation also invests in innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals. For more information visit