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Animal Advocate at Palomar Family Justice Center

Central Oklahoma Humane Society

Award Date: July 12, 2018
Awarded: $87,500

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society (OK Humane) is the largest private animal welfare organization in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma faces many social service obstacles including poverty, lack of education, mental illness, substance abuse and violence/incarceration. Animals can and are a unifying factor, but often times the animals are subjected to violence as well. The Central Oklahoma Humane Society and Palomar are working on a partnership that will have a much-needed impact on a demographic that is often times overlooked. The collaborative desire is to help survivors and those fleeing domestic violence and navigating the justice system in a very real, immediate way. Palomar and the Central Oklahoma Humane Society have established a partnership in which a foster coordinator is onsite at Palomar to take immediate care of the animal(s) while the Palomar agencies take care of the families. Care will include vaccinations, spay/neuter, temporary kenneling, and a foster home until the family can be reunited with their pet(s).