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Bloomberg Terminal Computer Lab

OCU Meinders School of Business

Award Date: June 22, 2017
Awarded: $66,420

Bloomberg Terminals have proven to be an important tool for teaching finance and economics. The software system is considered to be the most advanced information and analysis tool in the field of finance. The Meinders School of Business requires that every business student become Bloomberg Certified before they are allowed to complete their degree requirements and graduate. This requirement makes our graduates much more employable than the normal college graduate. Ninety five percent of the students who graduate from the Meinders School of Business are employed in their field of interest, or go on to graduate/law school, within three months of graduation. Providing professional training while in college transforms students and their lives. Having familiarity with Bloomberg Terminals is almost a necessity for anyone seeking advanced employment opportunities in the finance industry.

The Bloomberg subscription-based service features the most up-to-date stock market information from across the world. Users can track stock prices of publicly traded companies, values of international currencies, news stories about industries and can gather financial data on almost anything available for public disclosure. The system can also be used to search for finance jobs, social media posts, classified ads or follow player trades amongst professional sports teams. Furthermore, Bloomberg Terminals can be linked to Excel spreadsheet software, allowing users to quickly gather and analyze data on multiple companies.