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Carolyn Williams Center Technology Upgrade

Neighborhood Services Organization

Award Date: May 1, 2020
Awarded: $13,000

NSO’s Carolyn Williams Center is a unique program that provides transitional living in a 17-bed, dormitory-style complex for homeless young men between 18-23 years old. Many of the youth come directly from foster care or youth shelters. The residents receive help finding jobs, take weekly life skills classes, share chores and learn how to live independently to ensure their future self-sufficiency. To facilitate learning, the organization has created the CWC Job Readiness Center, which provides a computer lab and classroom setting to facilitate life skills classes. Clients may also use the Center to do schoolwork, search for employment and apply for jobs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many clients have lost their jobs in the service industry. The Center is key to ensuring clients are able to find employment as quickly as possible and upgraded technology will enhance job searching capabilities and increase opportunities for computer skills training.