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Coalition for Tulsa Pets Lifesaving Programs

Tulsa Animal Welfare

Award Date: February 28, 2019
Awarded: $132,603

In November of 2018 Tulsa Animal Welfare (TAW), Humane Society of Tulsa (HST) and the Tulsa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tulsa SPCA) announced the creation of the Coalition for Tulsa Pets. The coalition is a collaborative effort to develop and execute a community plan aimed at increasing the live release rate at Tulsa Animal Welfare as well as providing comprehensive and sustainable services for the pets in our Tulsa community. TAW, HST and the Tulsa SPCA provide services to the community in the combined areas of: sheltering, adoption, protection and enforcement, spay/neuter and other veterinarian services, transport, keeping pets in homes, community outreach and education. As a founding partner TAW will seek to reduce shelter intake and increase lifesaving programs by adding key staffing infrastructure and maintaining strong relationships with community stakeholders. Additionally, TAW will provide microchipping services to shelter and community pets, establish a pet helpline and implement a feline return to field program.