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Coordinated Case Management for Youth and Families

Homeless Alliance

Award Date: March 11, 2021
Awarded: $85,000

Coordinated Case Management for Youth and Families provides wraparound case management as well as financial assistance, such as temporary rental assistance, security deposits, and utility deposits and payments for homeless and at-risk families with children and unaccompanied youth. Coordinated Case Management (CCM) is an initiative of the Homeless Alliance that brings together dozens of partner agencies through weekly meetings, leveraging the collective resources and services of the entire group. Using this model, they are able to assist clients with multiple barriers to overcome their individual obstacles. Youth and families in Oklahoma City can become homeless for a variety of different reasons and it is often very difficult for them to get back into stable housing because of expenses and the myriad of issues that may be contributing to the episode of homelessness. Coordinated Case Management (CCM) is just one of the solutions spearheaded by Homeless Alliance to achieve their mission of ending long-term homelessness in the community.