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Creating Connections

Marland Children’s Home

Award Date: May 1, 2020
Awarded: $10,388

Marland Children’s Home, established as an orphanage and then as a group home for Oklahoma Department of Human Services placements, transitioned in 2018 to become a child placing agency for OKDHS, with a focus on ensuring that Kay County children can stay in Kay County. Marland Children’s Home converted existing Marland Children’s Home housing into five residences where foster families can live rent free. These residences are large enough that families can foster sibling groups, helping achieve the goal of keeping siblings together whenever possible. In addition, the Marland Children’s Home recruits and supports Kay County foster families who live off-campus. The lack of technology to stay visually connected has increased the already high level of trauma for the children in counseling and visitation, especially the younger children, who don’t do well on a phone call. Creating Connections will empower the organization to implement the necessary equipment to allow all of their foster families the opportunity to virtually connect for continuity of care.