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Creating Inclusive Growth for Oklahoma County

Progress OKC

Award Date: August 4, 2021
Awarded: $10,000

Progress OKC was created to support and revitalize Oklahoma City communities that have experienced a significant lack of investment. Its mission is to strengthen and preserve the social and economic fabric in under-resourced communities by engaging in programs and partnerships focused on housing stability, economic mobility, quality of place and education. Strong economic growth lays a foundation for a resilient economy by creating wealth, employment, and new business opportunities. While transformative public and private investments have dramatically changed the economic trajectory of Oklahoma City, many segments of the community have not fully realized this economic success.

Economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and under-resourced businesses’ financial hardships have been exacerbated by the pandemic. An equitable recovery or economic resiliency plan is required that recognizes untapped assets within communities less able to weather the current and projected social and economic storm due to a history of racial exclusion, discrimination, inequality, and self-sufficiency barriers. Progress OKC’s goal is to ensure there is an equal share of the social and economic benefits to our growing economy by utilizing upstream solutions such as education and economic opportunities.