Who We Support

Creating Opportunity through Virtual Integration and physical Distancing (Covid) Response


Award Date: April 15, 2020
Awarded: $5,000

Pivot advocates for those in need, those disadvantaged, those who struggle, and those who may be unseen and unheard. Pivot knows that the five key elements for the success of the youth they serve are: housing and basic needs, educational support, employment assistance, permanent connections, and health and well-being. The pandemic has made the traditional methods of providing those elements a challenge, but not impossible.

Through the appropriate use of technology, they can help support the youth in the shelter and those living in independent living apartments and tiny homes in each of the five key areas. This grant provides technology to support youth in their distance learning efforts, to search for employment opportunities, to connect to others, to remain healthy, and to combat feelings of isolation. It also provides activities that support socially distanced physical activity.