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Diversion Referral Program

Oklahoma County Diversion Hub

Award Date: November 16, 2023
Awarded: $1,015,673.81
Arnall Community Fund Award

Oklahoma County Diversion Hub connects justice involved individuals to life stabilizing resources and services to help them become safe, self-sufficient, and stable members of the community thereby reducing their encounters with the criminal legal system. The Diversion Referral Program aims to help reduce the Oklahoma County Detention Center (OCDC) population through referrals for individuals who qualify for services provided by community partners. The Diversion Referral Program embeds staff members at OCDC who use a brief survey to help identify and assess eligibility of individuals for referral opportunities. providing the survey either during the booking process or meeting with individuals once they are in OCDC. Diversion liaisons then work to connect the individuals to life-stabilizing resources and programs.

The Arnall Community Funds are administered through Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF) and provide grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Oklahoma that are working to improve outcomes for individuals, children and families involved with animal welfare and in the child welfare and criminal justice systems. The OCCF staff will manage the grant administration process and all grantmaking decisions will be made by OCCF Trustees. Learn more about the process.