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Equine Accreditation Program – Capacity Building Through Adoption Support

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Award Date: January 2, 2019
Awarded: $73,625

Since its inception, the GFAS Equine Program has grown tremendously, now supporting 117 certified equine sanctuaries, located across 30 states, and providing care for more than 10,000 equines at any one time. Strategic planning has identified building capacity at equine rescues and sanctuaries as a crucial element to increasing equine welfare across the US. Data analysis from GFAS-accredited equine facilities identified the area of increased adoptions as a logical and profound way to achieve this goal. Promoting the adoption of equines into private homes, riding programs, therapy facilities, and other appropriate facilities, and providing resources to assist accredited groups to remove barriers to adoption and to increase the proportion is a vital way for GFAS to have a greater impact on many more animals. The grant will enable GFAS to expand its equine accreditation program by 50% annually over two years.