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Family Connections Pilot, Phase 2 Upgrades

Connect Our Kids

Award Date: November 19, 2020
Awarded: $20,000

Connect Our Kids builds free technology tools to help improve foster care outcomes. They work in partnership with caring and dedicated social workers and child advocates towards a future in which every child has a permanent, supportive family. Connect Our Kids has built a free cloud-based software service tool, Family Connections, to provide automated assistance to those in the child welfare field who are conducting extensive searches for a foster child’s extended family and connections. Previous and current work by others has shown that children who are considered unadoptable are in fact adoptable–by those who already have a connection to that child. On average, advocates need to find 150 adult connections to the foster child, in order to identify the person who will become that child’s permanent parent. Connect our Kids is decreasing the resource demand of this family searching process so that more children can grow up in permanent families. Connect our Kids provides semi-automated technology search assistance, data management and tracking assistance, and a family engagement tool, all on a secure, cloud-based, intuitive software platform, with no cost and no obligation to the family searcher.