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Foster Concierge Caretaker

Oklahoma Humane Society

Award Date: August 9, 2016
Awarded: $35,000

The Central Oklahoma Humane Society will intake over 4,000 dogs and cats for its adoption program in 2016. Approximately 60% of those animals will be assigned foster homes. OK Humane has approximately 600 foster homes that include full-time, relief and occasional homes. The organization currently has one Foster Coordinator who is responsible for assigning the animals into foster homes and communicating with all fosters through the point of pet adoption. The duties of the Foster Coordinator include initial placement, managing foster swaps, coordinating relief fosters for weekend and vacation coverage and re-assignment of returned animals.

In order to meet the high quality standards of the OK Humane culture and given the volume of animals currently admitted, an opportunity exists to add a second position, a Foster Concierge Coordinator, who can focus on the needs of fosters once the pets have been placed into their homes. This position will act as a liaison between OK Humane foster families and the various programs/facilities with a goal of providing excellent customer service to the foster families and facilitating the process through adoption.