Who We Support

Housing Navigator

City Care

Award Date: May 11, 2020
Awarded: $60,000

City Care inspires those willing to look social injustice and extreme poverty in the face, and empowers them to do whatever it takes to create change. In partnership with the Oklahoma County Diversion Hub, the Housing Navigator works to provide housing services to individuals who are justice-involved. They create a culture of client-centered service while helping their clients develop the skills and capacity to care for their families. They are also responsible for collecting data, records, and documentation of services offered. The Housing Navigator works with local landlords and property managers to build relationships and understanding and to dispel fallacies about leasing to justice-involved individuals. In addition, they assist clients as a support network, offering help with security deposits, furnishings for the home, and utilities set up. This position is collaborative in nature, and works closely with other service providers, including the Homeless Alliance, and adopts the “no wrong door” policy in approach, meaning that they make a point to help any individual that walks through the door, and if they cannot be served by City Care, referrals to other service providers and resources will be made.