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Increasing Horse Placement Capacity and Qualified Adopters

Denver Dumb Friends League

Award Date: February 3, 2017
Awarded: $393,736.40

This being year two of a pilot program to increase equine placements, the Harmony Equine Center will continue to work with qualified partner organizations and fine tune our program for the transfer, training and adoption of horses in transition. In addition, Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center will explore and evaluate the opportunities presented by working with Departments of Agriculture in Colorado and neighboring states as well as evaluating a partnership with the “One Day Open Shelter” events to expand the scope of the program and impact more horses in transition.

Also new for year two a plan to develop an Adopter Support Program for equine adopters and people who are considering adding one or more horses, to their family, ranch or farm. Educating and assisting people interested in adopting horses builds and strengthens the human-equine bond; equips owners to understand the commitment of owning a horse and can help build a stronger, larger and highly qualified network of equine adopters.

In year one we have already been successful in strengthening many relationships in the equine community in and around Colorado and have begun to lay the foundation to change the conversations and perceptions in regard to what a neglected, abandoned or surrendered horse can become. Continued support of the pilot program offers the opportunity to build on this foundation and take strategic steps to assist more horses and owners in transition.