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Interactive Marketing, Strategic Planning, Ambassador and Intern Program

Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform

Award Date: November 17, 2022
Awarded: $95,000
Arnall Community Fund Award

Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform's (OCJR) mission is to advocate for criminal justice reform through research-driven policy and reform efforts that improve public safety by reducing the state’s dependence on incarceration. Safe criminal justice reform saves taxpayer dollars and allows for reinvestment in alternatives to incarceration that benefit the individual, their family, and the community. The Interactive Marketing Manager communications coordinator unifies, coordinates and enhances digital information, data, research and messaging to inform, empower, and engage advocates. Funds will also allow OCJR to operationalize and implement planning of the organization’s strategic plan and support OCJR’s Ambassador and Intern programs.

The Arnall Community Funds are administered through Oklahoma City Community Foundation (OCCF) and provide grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Oklahoma that are working to improve outcomes for individuals, children and families involved with animal welfare and in the child welfare and criminal justice systems. The OCCF staff will manage the grant administration process and all grantmaking decisions will be made by OCCF Trustees. Learn more about the process.