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Live Release Project Step-Down Challenge Grant

Central Oklahoma Humane Society

Award Date: February 13, 2017
Awarded: $100,000

The purpose of the Oklahoma City Live Release Project was to introduce two new programs that would continue to increase the percent of animals leaving the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter alive. To this end, the relocation and bottle baby nursery programs were introduced in 2016. The goals for each of these programs were: 1) Relocation — 1,500 dogs transported in year one and 1,800 in year two, and, 2) Bottle Baby Nursery — 250 neonates in year one and up to 2,000 in year two. Both programs were designed to address populations that were at risk of being euthanized at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter.

At the end of 2015, the community live release rate was 67.7%. As of year-end 2016, improvements had been made in the live release rates for adult dogs and neonates versus the prior year. Overall live release increased to 70.3% with adult dog LRR up 4.1 percentage points, and neonate LRR up 2.3% for kittens. Partner transfers were up 28%, with the largest increase in transfers going to OK Humane.

The goals established for 2016 were surpassed in both programs; with 1,523 dogs relocated to four partners in other states and 733 neonates saved. 2017 goals will expand for both programs, with relocation growing to 1,800 and the number of neonates pulled into the bottle baby program, up to 2,000.