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Low-Barrier Night Shelter

City Care

Award Date: December 3, 2020
Awarded: $300,000

City Care inspires those willing to look social injustice and extreme poverty in the face, and empowers them to do whatever it takes to create change. From 2017 to 2018, policy shifts of local service providers led to a decrease in the number of beds available for emergency shelter and a 47% increase in the number of individuals living unsheltered. In Oklahoma’s bitter cold and sweltering heat, this is a life or death issue. This gap in services led City Care, in partnership with Mr. Rick Cooper and Inasmuch Foundation, to purchase a building for the purpose of opening a low-barrier shelter for individuals, families and pets. While the eligibility criteria, practices and policies will be without prerequisites, and all offered services being voluntary, City Care considers the new night shelter to be only the front door – an opportunity to connect with our city’s most vulnerable, and get them into permanent housing solutions as quickly as possible. It is one tool needed to combat homelessness.

The 2020 Point in Time data reflected the highest number of neighbors living unsheltered and in emergency shelter our city has ever seen. To further complicate the issue, two months later COVID-19 hit our city, which will certainly impact housing stability for years to come. This shelter is a critical and missing component to our city’s continuum of care for our most vulnerable residents.