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MASH Clinics Tulsa

Animal Balance

Award Date: August 21, 2019
Awarded: $112,370

The Animal Balance USA program is results oriented, efficient and sustainable. The goal is to identify under-served areas in need of accessible and affordable spay/neuter, and then quickly step in to collaborate and help the local organizations bridge the gap in sterilization services. Ultimately, the local organizations are given the skills, power and knowledge to use their resources in the most efficient manner possible, resulting in more lives saved.

The community of Tulsa is a perfect example of an existing group of organizations who are already doing all they can to meet their community’s need for sterilization of cats and dogs, including forming alliances and coalitions and utilizing all resources at their disposal, however despite these efforts, intake at the local open admission shelter continues to top 8,500 animals per year. Animal Balance will work with the Coalition for Tulsa Pets to implement MASH style clinics to perform high-volume spay/neuter services in various locations throughout Tulsa. In addition, they will provide hands on training and consultation to provide coalition organizations the tools to continue to address the demand for high volume services. The pilot is projecting to host three clinics and serve over 1,000 animals.