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Oklahoma City Region Animal Sheltering Best Practices Assessment and Fellowship

Target Zero

Award Date: November 7, 2017
Awarded: $41,892

Target Zero helps municipal animal shelters achieve a 90% or greater save-rate through a well-established process involving a shelter and community assessment followed by a multi-year Fellowship with the goal of increasing the live release rate of animals in Oklahoma County. They will work with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare and Central Oklahoma Humane Society to identify key target areas for site visits and introductions of best practices. Upon completion of site visits Target Zero will deliver detailed reports that will serve as the shelter guides to implement life saving changes. Fellowships will begin immediately following the development of the plan and will work with shelter leadership to guide the implementation process and provide support. The goal of this program is for Oklahoma City to reach a 90% save rate within 36 months, increasing from its current rate of 67%.