Who We Support


Oklahoma Watch

Award Date: October 18, 2023
Awarded: $15,000

Oklahoma Watch produces in-depth and investigative journalism as a public service for the benefit of all Oklahomans. Through investigative, fact-driven journalism, they dig deep and examine significant issues facing the state. Their work engages all Oklahomans, amplifies the discussion of important issues and leads to change. Oklahoma Watch is focused in these core areas: Criminal Justice, Democracy, State Government, Race & Equity, Vulnerable Populations and Education. They publish work statewide through their own platforms (website, newsletters, podcast, events) and their work is available at no charge to any news organization that wishes to use it, so it can often be found in the state's newspapers, on radio and on television as well as websites.

This grant, while unrestricted, will enable Oklahoma Watch to raise further funds through programs like News Match, a national, annual fundraising event for nonprofit news organizations, which pays a bonus based on local matching grants secured by participating news organizations.