Who We Support

Palomar Kennel Project

Oklahoma City Family Justice Center

Award Date: March 6, 2019
Awarded: $12,500

Oklahoma faces many social service obstacles including poverty, lack of education, mental illness, substance abuse and violence/incarceration. Palomar is a group of service-oriented agencies that came together in 2016 with the vision to create a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary service model where teams of professionals come together under one roof to provide coordinated services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, bullying, and human trafficking. Through a partnership with the Oklahoma Humane Society they have recently established an onsite Animal Advocate to immediately care for the animal(s) caught in the middle of family violence while the Palomar agencies take care of the people affected. Animal care includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, temporary kenneling, and a foster home until the family can be reunited with their pet(s). The addition of kennels will provide the temporary housing space for animals that come into Palomar, providing peace of mind to the families in need of assistance.