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Pauline E. Mayer Shelter Repurposing Initiative

Family TREE

Award Date: June 29, 2017
Awarded: $1,474,924

Following the announcement of the closure of the Pauline E. Mayer Shelter, the Children and Family Council of Oklahoma County (CFC) appointed a committee in partnership with Department of Human Services (DHS) and key stakeholders to steer the development of a plan for the repurposing of the shelter. Based on data and input from various community partners, stakeholders and services providers, the CFC identified the need to strengthen quality family time for families and early, mental, behavioral, development and educational assessment interventions for children and families involved in the child welfare system.

The Council has developed a plan to utilize the former Pauline E. Mayer Shelter building as the permanent home of the Family TREE, a partnership of several organizations that apply evidence-based interventions around family visitation and early, quality child and parent assessments. The Family TREE is comprised of the Family Resiliency Team, Quality Family Visitation services through CHBS, on-site Fostering Hope Clinic, on-site Child Study Center clinic and additional behavioral health services.