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Ralph Ellison Foundation Gala

Ralph Ellison Foundation

Award Date: July 7, 2022
Awarded: $5,000

Founded in Oklahoma City upon the conclusion of the Ralph Ellison Centennial Celebration in 2014, the Ralph Ellison Foundation is committed to highlighting the accomplishments of the acclaimed author and empowering the lives of others through his legacy in the areas of literacy, music, and the arts. To accomplish these goals, the Foundation has focused recently on projects to engage both children and adults, such as creating curricula based on Ellison’s work for schools, conducting reading clinics and writing workshops, hosting community discussion forums and artistic events, as well as sponsoring an annual gala celebration in Ellison’s honor. A Night with Ralph Ellison is the most diverse annual event in Oklahoma. It is an evening of music, dance, poetry, and readings from Ralph Ellison's works. From professional jazz and classical musicians to engaging poets; to ballad and college contemporary dancers, the experience brings communities together from across our state.