Who We Support

ROAR Child Abuse Prevention Program

Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma County

Award Date: December 1, 2016
Awarded: $250,000

The CARE Center is a unique, non-profit organization serving Oklahoma County children, ages 2-17, who are in an active and substantiated abuse investigation. Continued care is available to our victims for the life of their case. As the only child advocacy center in Oklahoma County, for the past 25 years, they have successfully provided immediate care and response services to children who have suffered abuse.

The CARE Center works to reduce the trauma to the child during and after the abuse investigation as well as provide tools and resources for healing. In the last two years, the organization’s mission has grown through the expansion of services to support positive change and prevention within the family unit. They believe that true reform occurs with education and prevention initiatives. Parents, caregivers and children must be empowered to recognize abuse and stop it.