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Rural Outreach-Statewide Initiative

Oklahoma Humane Society

Award Date: October 22, 2018
Awarded: $1,114,100

Eleven years ago, when the Central Oklahoma Humane Society (OK Humane) was founded, the ultimate goal was to drop the “Central” and become the Oklahoma Humane Society, the premier animal welfare non-profit in the state of Oklahoma. OK Humane is designed to care for all of Oklahoma. Currently, OK Humane is called weekly, sometimes daily, to assist rural areas that do not have the infrastructure to make effective change. The proposed outreach effort will be multi-dimensional and is modeled after an innovative strategy, piloted by Charleston Animal Society, which will aim to significantly mitigate the rural crisis in Oklahoma. The OK Humane Rural Initiative will leverage the capacity for care that currently exists within the communities and help build a self-sustaining framework in each community. OK Humane will work collectively with each target community to increase the care of companion animals, increase shelter effectiveness, enhance outreach services so the targeted area is prepared for growth, decrease pet overpopulation, assist in adoption events, set up mobile spay + neuter and vaccination clinics and reduce shelter intake in the target areas through a plethora of programs.