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Telehealth Capacity Building

Youth & Family Resource Center

Award Date: May 1, 2020
Awarded: $7,000

Youth and Family Resource Center, Inc. (YFRC) is a nonprofit organization located in Shawnee, serving Pottawatomie County, Lincoln County and surrounding communities. The mission of YFRC is to provide services that engage and empower youth and families to lead safe, healthy lives. YFRC serves as an umbrella agency for multiple services, programs and initiatives, which are all aimed at providing specialized services to foster children and families at high risk for being involved with child maltreatment. In response to the increase in need to provide mental health, prevention and emergency shelter services to the community, YFRC is building telehealth strategies for outpatient care, as well as related to the education of children. By creating a highly effective telehealth infrastructure, YFRC can continue to provide critical services during this time. Telehealth not only meets a crisis intervention need in response to COVID-19, it will also be incorporated as a long-term service array as a part of the agency’s practice moving forward.