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The Status of Human Rights in the City of Oklahoma City

Communities for Human Rights, Oklahoma City

Award Date: December 8, 2020
Awarded: $58,827

The Communities for Human Rights, OKC seeks to establish a baseline for the status of human rights in the city of Oklahoma City today; to provide a useful indicator for data-informed decision making; and to support a localized human rights framework that would monitor and document human rights issues including but not limited to racial discrimination. In addition, the identification of data-informed and community- and government-based interventions. As it currently stands, there is limited understanding of how different people and groups perceive and experience human rights in Oklahoma City. While secondary sources of data may depict disparities at varying levels (i.e. national, regional, state, county, city or zip code) based on population-level outcomes, which is undoubtedly valuable, this research has its limits. In addition, first-hand or primary sources of data are limited. Preliminary research has found that there are racial and ethnic disparities across these five domains: education, employment, health, housing and public safety.