WaterShed Animal Fund Introduces Equine Initiative

by | Apr 26, 2016

It has been estimated that nearly a quarter of a million homeless horses are in need of intervention and services every year in the U.S. Many require health assessment and treatment but most are in need of proper training so that they can go on to fulfill their next step in life. Whether it is a career in the show ring, on the trail or in the family pasture; many of these homeless horses are not getting the services they need in order to find a new home.

The WaterShed Animal Fund is launching an Equine Initiative to create solutions that provide a new purpose for at-risk horses. By working closely with key stakeholders, the Equine Initiative will serve as an incubation lab for ideas that will ultimately lead to increased support for the at-risk horse population.

The WaterShed Animal Fund is dedicated to supporting innovative programs with exemplary institutions and individuals to better the lives of companion animals. The fund supports organizations with shared interests demonstrating competency, transparency and problem solving.