COVID-19 Child Welfare Rapid Response Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arnall Family Foundation provided individual grants, up to $20,000, to organizations in Oklahoma who serve children, youth and families impacted by the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Social distancing guidelines drastically changed the way these systems operated. We believe that it is important to help youth, foster families, kinship families and families of origin feel connected and supported. Grants were awarded to governmental organizations (with fiscal sponsors) and non-governmental organizations. Collaborations among multiple organizations were encouraged.

The Foundation sought proposals that fell into one or more of the following areas:

Programs that supported kinship families, through service or resource provision.

Technology (hardware, software, internet or phone service) provided to support children and youth involved in child welfare or juvenile justice systems.

Programs that provided informal care options for foster families.


Government and nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations located in Oklahoma were invited to apply.

Government organizations identified a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor in order to receive funds.

Organizations had an operating budget of at least $350,000.

Faith-based organizations were not eligible for funding.

Technology-Specific Proposal Details

Hardware purchased must remain the property of the applying organization.

Technology-facilitated activities includes court hearings, attorney visits, parent-child interactions, support groups, telehealth, case-worker visits, educational opportunities and more.

Software and hardware purchases to be repurposed to meet the organization’s needs once typical operations resume.

Rapid Response Fund Awarded Grants